Mobile Responsiveness: A Website Design Update

As a business owner, you should update your website to be more mobile-responsive. There are definite benefits to doing so. Here’s how search engines reward sites that shift to responsive web design:


Better content quality. If you have multiple websites, you’re more likely to upload similar (if not the same) content to fill each site to save time and effort. But search engines don’t treat duplicate contents favourably and basically regard them as spam. A responsive web design allows you to enhance your content so that you upload a specific content only in a single site.


Focused maintenance effort. SEO campaigns can be costly and time consuming but a responsive design will allow you to maintain only website with a single set of hypertext. This means your site gets to be accessed from more devices, without necessarily spending too much time managing your website.


Lower bounce rate. Many websites experience high bounce rate because certain content piecesare either inaccurate or not consistent with the mother site. Uniformity and completeness are key factors to keep people on page. And if they leave too soon, this jacks up your bounce rate sending search engines the message that your site may not be offering relevant information to audiences.


A responsive design lets you keep up with industry and modern user trends, helping you to step ahead of your competitors. To give your consumers the best of both digital worlds, consult web design experts from Lloydminster-based SEO firms.


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