The Top Website Design Trends to Watch in 2016

2016 is already proving to be a red-letter year in terms of modern and efficient website design. With so many users now accessing the Internet on a daily business, what are a handful of suggestions that businesses need to keep in mind? Let us take a quick look at a few eye-popping statistics that should not be overlooked.

Visual Impressions

Research has shown that visitors will form an opinion in regards to a website in only ten seconds. So, it becomes clear that the initial presentation is key to success. This includes a clean layout, fast load times and the ability for visitors to quickly find what it is that they are looking for.

Mobile Devices

1.2 billion individuals are now accessing the Internet via a mobile device every day. It is therefore critical that any website must be responsive to smartphone and tablet displays. Those which are not will undoubtedly suffer from lost revenue. Modern website design firms should take this metric into account.

CMS Management

Content management systems are likewise coming to the forefront of intuitive website design. Adhering to search engine policies, the correct use of keywords and proper coding are some of the areas which have gained momentum. Adopting a well-researched CMS system is very important to appeal to the reader as well as to portals such as Google.

With so many advancements within the world of website design, 2016 should prove to be an interesting years indeed.


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